Bob's act is clean, classic magic executed with dry wit and "retro" style,
after the nightclub acts of the 40's and 50's. His manner is that of a premier society entertainer.  Bob currently performs for social and charity functions, business meetings and corporate events.
The "Black & White" Act

A sharply dressed, well-spoken man takes the stage. With each routine, the well-paced show begins to take shape. Soon, the audience realizes that the entire program is in black and white - until the ending, when a splash of unexpected color signals a surprising - and ovation-inducing - finale.

After years of research, study and performance, Bob has focused on the classics of magic which have held audiences spellbound across time and culture. As he assembled each carefully crafted routine, he suddenly discovered, almost by accident,
that he had created an act consisting almost
Bob Carnathan Magic
Classic magic for elegant events
entirely of properties in black and white. It was a small step from there to the finishing touchs on a show that is memorable, not only for its style, but also for its amazing magic.
Tel. 301 469 5030
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